Saturday, 27 February 2016


The perks of living in a rural town is having heaps of aesthetic rusty fences and endless fields of endless plants. I suppose that can also be the downside. 

So I've been neglecting this one-off boobielisious (is that how you spell it?) purchase from the Super Glue Store because I hate not wearing a bra, especially if its a loose dress. But I recently joined the boho-bandwagon and purchased one of these *~dreamy~* studded belts and well, I love it!

Overly-revealing dress, meet beautiful jewelled belt. 

I'd really love to wear this kind of outfit to my next festival. I love simple, toned down looks when it comes to dressing for a music festival and I think this outfit is kinda bad ass and rock n' roll. 

Belt: Shine Boutique
Hat & Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Dress: Glue 


Friday, 19 February 2016

The Morning After.

 Hi Flowers, long time no see!

I bought these 'Mom Jeans' from H&M last week and they're probably my new favourite thing. I'm still a little unsure how I feel about them because I have a small waist but large thighs so I had to buy a few sizes above mine. 

I've been dreaming about doing a shoot like this for a while now, I've been totally inspired by a few Byron beauties recently and I'm absolutely diggin' this down to earth sort of feel (check out my last two posts to see what I'm on about).

I have to admit I'm crying a little that these photos are a tad dark, but it had been raining all day and the sky was still deciding if it wanted to clear. 

Let me know how you've liked my recent posts in the comments, I'd love to here what you think! xx

Ps. Bardot's collection right now is absolutely killer, browse through their website and you'll see what I mean! 


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