Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Behind Our Backs.

With what feels like a never ending Summer, the world of fashion has had no choice but to welcome  an old trend back onto our streets. Love it or loathe it, open back and detailed straps are back. 

Wether your prefer delicate designs or deep-cut lining, shop the looks below:

See how we style this daring look...


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Off Duty.

In a society where looks mean everything, style is a personality type and makeup is a past time, we can't help but notice the latest style sensation that is "dressing down". 

Most iconically worn by off-duty models, this uniform generally consists of an over-sized leather motorcycle jacket, classic cut-out denim and a modest pair of ankle boots. 

We don't need a model's pay check to achieve this casual-esgue look.
Pair your favourite white cotton top with some high waisted jeans and your half way there...

Shop the above looks...

Look 1-2: Basic Jean + Tee

Look 3: Fluffy Coats + Pink Lips

Look 4: The Cara

Look 4: Neutrals
Coat/ Coat


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Daddy Cool.

It seems the world of fashion has fallen down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland, where flowers can talk, animals are butlers and Dads are cool. 

Never would I have imagined that those old, daggy Adidas slider-style sandals my Father used to wear while cleaning the pool would become a staple piece. Should I start looking to him for fashion advice from now on?


From Birkenstocks to the classic Nike Slide, shop our favourites below...


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The 70s Edit

They say the past is best left behind us, but what happens when old staple pieces from the 70's come back into our lives like an old ex that we never quite got over? 

We can't help but fall into our old ways. 

From the hip-hugging high waists that stole our hearts, to the oh-so cozy turtle neck- whom we resisted at first. And might'n we forget our old former flame? It was love at first sight when it came to the flared trouser- the one that got away. But has the world of style and trend really given us enough time for our wounds to heal? Or will this Autumn/Winter Season bring up too many old memories and un-resolved ends with our former dearly beloved?

New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter Season showing the best of the past, or the future?

Shop the best and the worst of 1970's fashion below....

Sportsgirl 1 | 2 | 3
Asos 1 | 2 


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