Saturday, 31 January 2015

Something About This City

The city with a stolen identity... There's something about Melbourne that makes us feel as though we've packed our bags and bought a one-way ticket to New York.

In a city that worships fashion, old buildings and coffee culture; we can't help but feel like a young Carrie Bradshaw walking through the bustling streets of Manhattan...


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Slogan Jam

Make a statement this season. There's not much to say when it comes to slogan clutches- the latest trend to hit the streets this Summer! Adding a bold touch to our wardrobes, slogan clutches are all make and no break.

Making their first appearance in Autumn 2014, showcased by big-time designers Kate Spade and Karen Walker, this 'late-bloomer' trend has finally hit stores all around the globe!

We've been scouting the cyber-high street to pick out the boldest, brightest and best of this season's staple piece.

Monday Blues
Making your Monday's seem a little less plain, this faux leather clutch by al et clar will add colour to your 'mid-week meltdown' Sloppy Joe and leggings getup, or a cheeky touch to your Friday night out. This subtle slogan comes in colours blue (below), red and black.

I Woke Up Like This
This metallic beauty will have you feeling like Beyoncé every day of the week. Available only in a dusty pink-chic look (above), this clutch is for the fashion forward, and can be used to dress up any outfit. If you're looking for a pop of colour and added sass to your wardrobe, shop this look at MissGuided.

The Tom-Boy 
Here's one for the fearless. MissGuided's Bound 2 inspired over sized camouflage clutch is a statement piece in itself. There's something about this slogan clutch that makes us think it should belong in our 12-year-old brothers closet. Worn best with a grey shirt, black jeans, aviators and boots, this slogan clutch is masculine-chic!

Black Is The New Black
If the bold appearance in colour and design the above clutches have to offer aren't for you, fear not! If you're craving a more low-key clutch with a statement print embossed across the front, then Colette Hayman's 'Bad Girl' slogan clutch featured below will win you over.

From the bold to the basic, there's no denying that style stalkers from all corners of the globe are crushing on slogan clutches. Got a favourite of your own? Comment below! x

The Man Bun

The evolution of Man's hairstyles has been a brief, yet bumpy ride. From the come-over to the Bieber flick, it seems that men across the world have finally nailed it this time. Introducing... The Man Bun.

Originating from the 'Messy Bun', and ancient and sacred hairstyle that only the best of women can pull off, the Man Bun was first seen being flaunted by surfers across the globe. This messy up-do has been pulled off by some of the most talented (and handsome) celebrities in the world. But who has made the cut?

This week, we have had the pleasure of seeking out the Top 10 celebrity man buns of 2014. And the nominees are...

Man Bun No.10- Chris Hemsworth

Now while we can all agree that the middle Hemsworth brother is one of the best looking men of all time, there's something about this hair-do that takes away the 'Thor-Factor'. 

 We'd like to see C-Hem's shaking it all out. 

Man Bun No.9- Brad Pitt
This man knows how to work any hairstyle. There is something irresistibly charming about Brad's 'down low' man bun. Bring back the goatee! 

Man Bun No.8- Harry Styles
Lord knows this boy's hair has a plan for world domination, but Harry's latest do' hasn't got us convinced. We prefer Harry with his curl's maintained.

Man Bun No.7- Jared Leto

Hipster-chic. Some how J-Leto manages to effortlessly pull of the best of both worlds. Dressed in a tux,
while sporting the notoriously messy man bun, slicked back. Genius.

Man Bun No.6- Zayn Malik

We'll admit that the Bradford Bad Boy technically doesn't count due to his lack of 'man bun'. But there's no denying that Zayn's precious pony tail is a strong contender of the group. Bun or no bun, Zayn Malik will always be in our good books.

Man Bun No.5- Leonardo Dicaprio
No explanation needed, just look. Admire.

Man Bun No.4- David Beckham

While this man bun was not flaunted in 2014, it's obvious to all of us that Becks' is perhaps the only man alive to look good while sweating. That of course has nothing to do with the man bun...nothing.

Man Bun No.3- Russell Brand
As if we weren't all ready in awe of this man's existence. With an already rugged look, Brand's man bun is the definition of perfection. Need we say more?

Man Bun No.2- Orlando Bloom


If you need a moment to take this all in, be our guest. Introducing, Orlando Bloom in: The Man Bun from Heaven. We just simply can't take our eyes of it- or him! God bless you, Mr. Bloom [swoon].  

Man Bun No.1- Jake Gyllenhaal
We're weak at the knees. Jake with a beard, Jake without a beard. Jake with a bun, Jake without a bun. You just can't take your eyes of him. He is quite possibly the sexiest man alive, and the man bun is just an added feature! We just can't get enough.

Who's in your top 10? Let us know below...


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Blog on, blogger

Something about blogging has got us hungry this season. From the Blogger Giants to the Instagram teen sensations, everyone wants a taste of the travel, fame and luxe that comes hand-in-hand with a blogger's lifestyle.

So what makes a good blogger? Is it a desirable lifestyle? Or perhaps a killer wardrobe? Whatever the secret behind this ever-growing trend is, we know for sure that it's being well hidden from us! 

Taking ootd's and foodstagrams to a whole new chic level- if the ever so enviable lives of Amanda Shadforth and Shelby Hamilton have got you itching for more, then check out our all time faves below! 

Oracle Fox
Oracle Fox (Amanda Shadforth)

Oracle Fox is a renowned trend forecasting style blog dedicated to producing premium content for readers by utilizing Shadforth's broad range of skills as a photographer, illustrator and stylist. In just three years since the creation of Oracle Fox, Shadforth has become one of the world's most respected and iconic industry influencers. Oracle Fox is a daily necessity for her loyal following and and the perfect destination for genuine inspiration. 

The Sugar Fawn
16 year old style blogger/model/teen sensation, Shelby Hamilton could be considered the 'Cara Delevingne' of the instagram and tumblr scene. With a fan base of over 116k, Hamilton is making the most of her creative streak and super hot genes. While the Sugar Fawn is strictly style posts, Hamilton doesn't shy away from her readers, including photos of her brother, Matt, and her dreams of growing up and becoming "as cool as Margot Tenenbaum".


Street Smith
STREET SMITH is a fashion photography portfolio showcasing the best in street style from around Melbourne. Since 2012 STREET SMITH has been covering events, trends and looks from the streets, collaborating and creating content for brands and blogs alike. STREET SMITH loves capturing and sharing unique looks we find around Melbourne that are fresh and distinctive to the city.

Harper & Harley
Dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration in the way of creating the perfect wardrobe of key essential pieces, all while staying true to her relaxed chic black, white and grey philosophy. Harper and Harley is a destination, not only for inspiration on how to wear these key pieces, but also as a guide for those who wish to follow suit and eliminate colour from their wardrobes.  

*All blogger's bios (with the exception of Shelby Hamilton) were sourced from the blogs themselves

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